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Gopher is the evolution of POS systems. Designed to streamline the Front of House and Back of House operations in a new, sleek, modern, easy to use package. Receive, deliver, and track orders in real time directly from your smartphone. Eliminating the needless and time wasted components of business operations, Gopher gives customers an exceptional dining experience.

Improve Your Service While Reducing Costs

Restaurants continuously strive to give customers the ultimate dining experience without increasing overhead. Gopher gives the ability to provide exceptional dining experiences while reducing overhead expenditures. Order directly from a tablet or smartphone in real time to decrease inefficiencies and increase revenues write my college essays.2315182076N�?�N?N� ???�N? ??????????N�?�N�???? ?? ???�???�??N?N�?�?????�?�quiАндрей Павелкораскрутка сайтовкушон

Order Directly
from The Table

Gopher revolutionizes order taking! Restaurants & Bars can take and receive orders directly on their tablets or smartphones. Split, share or modify any order.

Deliver Orders
in Real Time

Gain Efficiencies with Gopher and eliminate time wasted procedures by receiving, tracking and delivering orders in real time.

Wait Times

Waiting to place an order or pay for an order is a thing of the past with Gopher. Increase orders and increase table turnover.


Gopher takes the costly time wasting elements away so that establishments can concentrate on providing customers with quality service and products.

Redefining the POS

Gopher is a new solution for the Food & Beverage industry. Designed from the ground up to Gopher redefines what is possible for your POS. Deliver orders to the bar or kitchen directly from the table. Eliminate time wasting procedures and allow FOH staff to provide exceptional service customers expect. Increasing orders and table turnover while reducing costs, Gopher is the future of POS.

Empower Your Customers

Allow customers to create their own exceptional dining experience. Provide customers the unique experience of placing, monitoring and paying for orders directly from their own smartphone or tablet. Customers never again have to wait for service it is all right at their fingertips!


Gopher effectively breaks down the barriers between Front of House and Back of House. Keep up to date with real time tracking, identify and overcome key rush times, bottlenecks, service and delivery issues. Identify problems and create solutions in your operation quickly and easily.????????N�??N�???????� N�?�?�N??�?�????N�??N�?? ????N�???�?�N�?�?? html titleSEOАндрей Павелко личная жизнькупить кожаные туфлимагазины женской обуви киев

Dining Enhancements

  • Create the ultimate dining experience with your fingertips.
  • Create value to customers, staff and management. Ensure order accuracy, provide timely information and decrease wait times.
  • Reduce overhead, increase table turnover while increase revenues.
  • Efficient utilization! Receive, track and make payments all in real time.
  • Elevate servers knowledge of food and beverages with unique Gopher a�?Hintsa�?
  • Empower your customer to place orders themselves
  • Add: reservations and preordering a�� running late? Book your table and preorder your drinks and dinner
  • Decrease restaurant overhead a�� Decrease amount of POS server terminals, decrease wage expenses by increasing server efficiency and staff needed
  • Increase table turnovers, serving more customers, higher tabs by increase in sales and overall revenue generation

Supported POS Systems

    Vendor Model Supported version
    NCR Aloha TS, Aloha QS 5.1
    Par Brink All
    Dinerware Dinerware 3.3
    Agilysys InfoGenisis 4.4.0+
    Oracle Micros RES4, RES5 A�4.6
    Oracle Micros Simphony 1st Edition 1.6
    POSitouch POSitouch; MENUW and QuickMenu; Transaction+ and MidniteExpress 5.36+, 6.36+, QuickMenu
    Heartland Payment Systems XPIENT 3.x+
    AZBar AzPOS 7.x+
    POSERA Maitre'D 7.x+
    Squirrel Systems Squirrel Professional 8.x+
    VELOCE Veloce 8.x+


  • No Upfront Costs
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Transaction Fees

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