Mobilize Your Menu.

Gopher is a mobile self-ordering service that integrates seamlessly with restaurant and bar POS systems. Guests are able to place their orders earlier and pay for their meals faster – at the table simply via their smartphone.

More orders, enhanced service.

Gopher Systems powers the easiest way for you to increase the velocity of orders and the quality of service – by optimizing your best servers and using your existing POS.
Image Rich Menu
Picture every mouth-watering and thirst-quenching item on your menu.
More Re-orders
Make it easy for guests to order another drink or get that tempting dessert.
Faster Turn
Improve table turnover up to 25% with optional at-table self-ordering.
Orders flow through directly to the POS system you already use.
Secure Payments
Guests can pay their tab in a matter of seconds. (And no dine-and-dash!)
Modern Loyalty
Impress for repeat visits, and get to know your best customers.

Improved Efficiency.

The restaurant and bar industry is under a great deal of stress due to increased labour costs, supplies, and property taxes. Gopher helps boost your bottom line, while also attracting the new generation of mobile-savvy patrons. Focus staff on true value-add service instead of inefficient order-taking and payment processing.
Faster Turn
More Revenue
More Options
" Gopher will prove itself to be a powerful tool in our industry and an innovative approach for the franchisee community. "
– Restaurant Owner/Operator

Secret Service.

Special access, no lines, and an elite casual dining and bar experience – for those in the know. A turnkey loyalty program to offer dine-out VIPs, launching in 2019. 

Get Gopher today.

Gopher helps restaurant and bar owners maximize table turn and server yields by providing guests with optional at-table self-ordering. Contact our team for more information.
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